June 29th, 2004

self-portrait me

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Class has been OK. Today's lecture was really boring. Meh.

Yesterday, they had us draw an image or images that represent ourselves. They then scanned them in and put them on a website. If you're feeling really bored, you can try to guess which one is mine.

Computer stuff because i'm a GEEK

I managed to get my Harvard account working. w00t! *hits the dumbass at the tech support desk who told me that the mail server was pop.fas.harvard.edu, when it's really imap.fas.harvard.edu* If you want to know it, it's dkhuang@fas.harvard.edu . I'm still checking my old one, so you don't have to change it in your address books.

Yeah, I found the mail server because Harvard has you download software to access your network space (through an ftp client), get mail (Eudora), and telenet. All the servers are already set up in them and I checked them through there, which means I can throw out 2 completely unneccessary pieces of software.

Speaking of the dumbass at the tech support desk, I picked up a splitter there, which I can check out for free for the rest of the summer. That's good.

The computer lab has a Mac section, a PC section, and a Linux section, which made me happy. I think they're running Red Hat.

I can't seem to connect to any smtp server besides Harvard's. This bothers me, but I'll live.

I also have a new USB flash drive, which is the best. I don't need one at home, but I've wanted one for a long time.
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