July 6th, 2004


I blog, therefore I am

We had a discussion about blogging in class today. It was cool. They showed my journal and stuff. I tried to explain the inner workings of lj to the world. And it loked at me blankly and asked me more questions.

I like the Flaming Lips. I'll probably buy the album straight from somewhere. *resists urge to sing Do You Realize??*

Saw Spiderman 2. Was really good, except for the dialogue. The actors managed to pull it off really well, though, and the action was definitly really awesome.
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feel the love

Sorta GIP

theirloveissotoanettajamestune! I stole about a dozen people's styles in the making of this icon.

Anyway, I have a roommate who is kinda homophobic. I forgive to a degree because she's from South Dakota and is conservative. She refuses to go back to this one church because (gasp!) it "opens it's arms to gay people". She also lowered her voice when whe said that as if it were some kind of secret. Right. I like her, because she's nice and all, but really, that bugs me a lot. I'm also guessing that this means I'm not going to be explaining slash to her anytime soon. :/
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