July 10th, 2004


Security vulnerability in Mozilla

I know this is old to maybe a few of you, but I think it's important for all of the Mozilla users on my firendslist.

On July 7 a security vulnerability affecting browsers for the Windows operating system was reported to mozilla.org by Keith McCanless, and was subsequently posted to Full Disclosure, a public security mailing list. On the same day, the Mozilla security team confirmed the report of this security issue affecting the Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox, and Thunderbird and discussed and developed the fix at Bugzilla bug 250180. We have confirmed that the bug affects only users of Microsoft's Windows operating system. The issue does not affect Linux or Macintosh users.

Patch and more information.

Random things that pass through my brain

Bugzilla has been prettyfied!. I don't really use it because I've never gotten around to figuring out how to use it, but still, it's much prettier.

If you slash two characters with the same first name *cough*johnxjohn*cough* and you just happen to write fic about them, please do us a favor and not refer to both characters by their first name the entire time. Really.

IE usage decreases by 1%. I found it amusing in that sort of "bzuh? This is news?" sort of way.

My pseudo class website completely broke on IE 5 (That is the version on Macs, right?), so I tried to tinker with the CSS to get it to work. Since I have IE 6, I can't test it at this moment. For some reason, a link isn't showing up in on the first page when viewed with IE 6. This makes me sad, because my instructors use IE, despite the fact that they're on Macs.

I ♥ Mozilla like crazy.

I need to buy albums by:
The Shins
The Flaming Lips
Modest Mouse?

Pairings people need to write:
Gates/Torvalds Gates/Jobs

I have to do an icon overhaul, which means going more in depth to my customizations, which is just annoying.
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I decided to friend back everyone who friended me, because I felt kinda bad and I sort of actually want to meet people. *waves*

Yeah. Now y'all can see my complete lack of friendslocked posts. Congratulations!
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