July 27th, 2004

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NOTE TO EVERYONE I HAVE "REFERRED" TO hogwarts_ch: you have probably been confirmed for access, the mod keeps on responding to my comments, not yours. Just check the thread to see if you can join and post your app.

I still have no idea what's up with the Ravenclaw Common Room. Perhaps out prefect is out.

I have this wierd idea for afterlife fic. Inspired by something someone wrote for my Fiction class at CTY last year. I'm all excited, because crazy, wierd fic is right up my alley. *is all excited and stuff*

I'm also beating my sunset!fic into shape. It's getting decent at aroun 1000 words. Which makes me happy.

I have a proposal for my final class project to do, and I have no idea about what it is. *is sad*

Cambridge has gone somewhat mad with the DNC next door. It's not too bad, though.
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