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03 August 2004 @ 03:11 pm
I'm feeling kinda giddy about Creative Commons. Free flow of ideas without copyright law standing in the way. Anyway, I decided to pick one for all my work (photos, non-fanfic writing, blogging).

Creative Commons License

This applies to anything that completely belongs to me. Most of my stuff doesn't apply (because they're other people's images/characters/etc.) but what is mine, I'm being wanky and releasing.

On the same note, some photographs. Because why waste your own bandwidth when you can waste others'?
03 August 2004 @ 06:40 pm
LJ, I hate you and your comments, so there. *sticks out tongue* No seriously, I've probably missed like half of my comments from the past day. I'm getting back comments from a few months ago, though, so it's OK. No, it's not.

If you've said something of deep importance to me, I'm sorry that I haven't replied. I just probably don't know you've said it.

Ask me stupid questions, h0rs.

I'm thinking of putting up a Movable Type or Word Press blog up on my site, just so I can be dumb about it.