August 3rd, 2004

staring at the sun

Licensing and yet more Firefox pimping

I'm feeling kinda giddy about Creative Commons. Free flow of ideas without copyright law standing in the way. Anyway, I decided to pick one for all my work (photos, non-fanfic writing, blogging).

Creative Commons License

This applies to anything that completely belongs to me. Most of my stuff doesn't apply (because they're other people's images/characters/etc.) but what is mine, I'm being wanky and releasing.

On the same note, some photographs. Because why waste your own bandwidth when you can waste others'?

(no subject)

LJ, I hate you and your comments, so there. *sticks out tongue* No seriously, I've probably missed like half of my comments from the past day. I'm getting back comments from a few months ago, though, so it's OK. No, it's not.

If you've said something of deep importance to me, I'm sorry that I haven't replied. I just probably don't know you've said it.

Ask me stupid questions, h0rs.

I'm thinking of putting up a Movable Type or Word Press blog up on my site, just so I can be dumb about it.