August 7th, 2004


FIC: Porcelain (Gently Out of Time Remix)

Title: Porcelain (Gently Out of Time Remix)
Author: thedeadparrot
Summary: Remus grieves.
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Warnings: None
Spoilers: OotP
Notes: Thanks a billion to librae and tatooine for the betas, and dandelion_black for kicking my dialogue into shape. Written for the remus_remix challenge.
Author you were assigned: storydivagirl


If there was one thing Remus was accustomed to by now, it was being alone. He spent many years after Hogwarts, after James and Lily were murdered and he thought Sirius had betrayed them all, hiding away from others. It was easier that way. But coming back, being reunited with Sirius, and getting to know Harry… something had changed. He wanted to be around others. He craved the support and energy. He came to count on it and in a war that was a big mistake. Because there he was again. Grieving for another friend while trying to be strong for Harry.

Porcelain (Gently Out of Time Remix)
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Holy fucking shit.

There are no words. Het mpreg. Let me repeat that for you, HET MPREG. Pretty much all the Beatles are Sued, and a Sue comes along for the ride. Paul cries a lot, they all speak American, the physically impossible happens. Dude, it makes Richard look like a good writer.

*grabs spork*

In other news, I love the Strokes, Under Control is mellow and sexy and awesome.

In yet other news, I have finished three chapters of my AP Bio summer homework. I still need to get somewhere with my final project, and it just isn't happening.

I have Monty Python icons! and they don't suck! Probably will be joined by some Blur and Radiohead. I really do have to dump all my older icons tomorrow. It's not right that they should just sort of sit on my HD and get moldy.
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