August 10th, 2004


(no subject)

List of what I have done:
1. Made a not sucky wallpaper. Rejoice! It's Lost in Traslation, and I wish I had that movie with me right now.

2. Almost finished chapter 5 of my bio homework. Not as great, but hey, still ok.

3. Removed ABC from my computer and therefore ant temptation.

4. Became horribly addicted to Crack Attack! and beat the high score.

5. Downloaded Inkscape, which is this entirely vector-based graphics editor. I want to learn how to make icons. Not userpics. Like desktop icons. Hopefully this is what I'm looking for, and I'll actually spend time to figure out how to make them.

6. Watched the #mozillazine IRC channel for a few seconds and then chickened out, because I haven't dowloaded Thunderbird.

7. Will hopefully get more Monty Python icons.

8. Read a few f_w threads. I love that place.

I am too lazy to put up links. Just ask, if you're curious.