September 19th, 2004


Thoughts on some things

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:
Delightfully cheesy in an old-fashioned way. I am so digging the retro-scifi look. Giovanni Ribisi so gets my vote for "guy who shows up in random good movies in minor parts". Of course, I started mentally slashing Jude Law with Ewan McGregor halfway through (They were flatmates, OMG!) and that was entertaining.

Angels in America:
I caught an hour of it on rerun once, and it totally rocked my socks. A few days ago, I was so tempted to buy the DVD set. It was just that awesome. I caught a longer part today, and I can't stop thinking about it. There's this glorious rawness and glorious surreality (note: the angel of the title isn't just a metaphor.). I so have to get the DVD now.

Sims 2:

How to Deactivate an Atomic Bomb:
I actually like the title and can't wait for Vertigo to come out. I really need new U2 material to obsess over.

I hate the Sins. I really don't get the reason why fandom likes them, much less has a fairly strong Ed/Envy contingent. Maybe it's because I haven't seen all the episodes, but they seem to be rather boring, mediocre villains. They show up, try to kill people or bring them in as human sacrifcies (supposedly to create the ultimate philosopher's stone) and then leave to go do their master's bidding.

Scar, on the other hand, is one interestingly fucked up character. He has that whole vengence thing going on, that makes interesting, or at least more compelling than the Sins.

Still totally doing the Hughes/Mustang kick. I'll probably be writing the second story in my Bob Dylan fic project thing, as I have the perfect song for them. A pimp for hughesxroy, just because it really needs to be active. A rec for sockren's awesome Mometary Bliss. A warning for cross-dressing.

R/S Ficathon:
My fic is mostly done. I'm not entirely happy with it, but it works, I guess.
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