September 20th, 2004


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OMG new computer, I hate you. When I turn you on, the monitor is supposed to become active. Not that hard a concept to grasp. *kicks* I hope it's not a hardware thing, as my dad has undenuably fucked up the entire innards of the thing. This is bad, as I have to type up a lab tonight.

On another hand, the University of Vermont is kissing my ass. It makes me happy in a perverse kind of way.

ETA: Still not working. GRrrr. Argh. This computer isn't one week old and its already NOT WORKING. WTF?
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return of teh cash

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I am sad. Because my new computer hates me. It's only 4 days old, too. My dad can't take it anywhere because he's busy. I have a Bio lab I should be writing up.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

On a tangential note, Every single time an author feminizes Paul, God has a crappy artist cover the Beatles. Please, think of the Beatles.
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lucky bastards!

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Man, why does the urge (and inspiration) to write fic have to show up when you're doing homework?
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