October 12th, 2004


What have I been doing?

I've updated my website up to Aug 17! *headdesk* At least I wasn't incredibly productive throughout September, or else I would have killed myself. Or someone else.

I can't write anything except the drabbles and crossoverfic. If any good ideas pop up, I will write them down and go back to them later. I have iconing, website updating, college apps, and homework to do. Writing really can't eat up any more of my time.

My parents really need to step off, like now. I can't get my way through the application process with them hounding me all the time.

Oh, and the icon community needs to stop wanking. Like now. Because they're 5-20K 100 x 100 graphics that are shared because they're pretty. NOT the end all be all of your creative existence. While style copying does get irritating when it's obvious and kind of repetetive, it doesn't really matter. No really.

*wanders off to make imitative and unoriginal icons*

P.S. Why did so many icon makers randomly decide to go "on hiatus" and stick graphics/whatnot in their icon journals? Is it suddenly cool? Does this mean that I, a slavish follower of the latest trends, should do it as well?
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