October 17th, 2004

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Fanfic wank

The only thing better than "slash/RPF is evil!" wank is "fanfic is evil!" wank. No really, this is some good stuff.

I especially liked fafic=plagiarism. Which is bullshit, since I can rip off other people's ideas in my essays all I want as long (and it's to some degree encouraged) as I give proper credit, which is what disclaimers are for. The phrase you're looking for is "copyright infringement", which isn't plagiarism. kthnxbai.

Another thing I liked:
Fanfic doesn't teach writing. It teaches laziness and stupidity. It teaches you to take the ideas of others rather than come up with something original of your own.

Bitch, please. I can definitely say that writing fanfic has definitely made my writing better.

It's nice to see that anti-fanfic wankers all have the same arguments though. And mpreg is some of the most hilarious stuff on earth.
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Dear friendslist,

You fail at life, the universe, and everything for allowing me to sign up to do Hughes/Roy for ship_manifesto. YOU FAIL, H0RS.


I'm also writing a AU Roy/Hughes Lost in Translation ripoff thing. Yes. You read that right. I like it. But it's not really FMA. I've attempted to keep it IC, but really, how IC can it really get?

In an attempt to NOT talk about fandom, I have to say that college applications suck and they make me sad. Really, really sad. And so does math homework.
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