October 28th, 2004


The Recent Politics Post

We showed Farenheit 9/11 after school today. It was apparently a big deal, as the local Assemblyman (who's Republican) got kinda pissy and demanded that we have a discussion about it on Monday. Haha. This was the first time I've seen it, so I have Really, Really Important Thoughts On It:

- It's propoganda. Please, conservatives, stop telling us it is. WE KNOW. Michael Moore flat out admits that his bias is everywhere, which is more than some conservative sources of propoganda can say (Fox News *cough*)
- It's damn good propoganda. YAY Bush being an asshole. That last moment? Perfect.
- It's funny. Yes, I liked them. Sue me.
- It does go overboard at times, but it's Michael Moore we're talking about, so that's to be expected.

Mock election results: Kerry won by a few percent. I didn't hear the annoucement, so this is mostly second hand news. Nader got 9% of the vote. Bush won among the "younger" voters (grades 9 and 10), but Kerry won among the "older" voters (11 and 12). I think that's mostly due to the fact that this is a fairly conservative area, and in 9th and 10th grade, you're more likely to just agree with your parents. At least, that's what I think.

anniesj's post has been on my friendslist like 7 time now. I think it happened. I don't think this anything like 1984, quite honestly. I could go over the reasons why, but I think it's all been said already. So I'll shut up about it. There are other things that the Bush Administration has done that reminds me of 1984 (war, revisionist history), but not investigating death threats. People are going way overboard.

Jon Stewart is my hero and personal savior. I wish I could watch the Daily Show more often.

EDIT: HAhaha. Some guy just told me to vote for Joe Miller. Conversation:

Him: "Hello. I'm here to tell to vote for Joel Miller. To vote for on November 2nd. Will you be voting?"
Me: "No."
Him: "Okay."

EDIT THE SECOND: Thanks to Megan, the results were 47% Kerry, 42% Bush, 11% Nader.
mozilla love

Mozilla!spam. You know you missed it.

FoxyTunes is teh sex. No, seriously. You control your media player from within the browser. It supports a whole crapload of players, from Windows Media Player to XMMS.

As of right now, I'm using Foobar2000, and it works really well (though apparently that's a recent development). Between this, Gmail notifier, and adblock, my statusbar is slowly being eaten by extensions. YAY.

Firefox 1.0 Release Candidate is out. It's not recommended for people not into testing, but it's there.

I should probably be working on my National Honor Society application as it's due tomorrow. I also have a field trip to some ridge with a name I can't spell.
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