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I am so in love with Alias right now. I am so in love with Jack Bristow. He's just awesome. For some reason I keep on comparing him to Hughes and this will not result in crack!fic. nope. and there are actually some simularities, but they're mostly superficial.

Of course, the closest thing to Roy/Hughes involving Jack is Jack/Sloane, and that's just creepy. Ew. The closest thing to the actual Roy/Hughes is Vaughn/Weiss, which is actually pleasant to think about. But Jack/Sloane? I think I need to go bleach my brain.

Man. I need to write something before my sucktitude becomes permanent. Or maybe I should finish my lab. Maybe.

Maybe I should write Jack!Hughes fic. That would be an interesting way to write a completely OOC Hughes. And I mean completely. YAY.

Oh, and Television Without Pity rocks my socks. Their recaps are hilarious.
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