December 1st, 2004


Hi. Rant here.

Found this off Snopes, which is good because it means that no one was dumb enough to send it to me:

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Yeah, I don't hide my atheism from anyone, and I've ranted a few times about this, but this makes me want to punch someone. WTF? None of these things are prohibited in school.

If you want to pray out loud, YOU CAN.

If you want to paste the Ten Commandments on your backpack or prominently display them on your other belongings, YOU CAN DO THAT TOO.

Oh man, that right and wrong aren't being taught in our public schools, because teachers never send kids to detention for breaking the rules. THAT'S JUST CRAZY TALK.

Just because our school teachers and administration can't endorse these things doesn't mean the students can't do them on their own time/belongings. This tard apparently knows nothing about what he's talking about, and that pisses me off. On top of that, religion doesn't make you a better person, morals do. I had a conversation about this a while back, and I know religion does teach morals and that's good, but lack of religion != lack of morals. kthnxbye

My school has a Bible club, that's fine with me. Heck, I don't even mind that they plaster their posters around the school like all the other clubs. That's their perogative. They have every right to behave like any other club. But if a teacher had us pray every morning in class, that's stepping over the line. I don't believe in it. And there's the implication that somehow I'm inferior to my Christian classmates, which is just NOT ON.

In brief: The writer is severely brainwashed by his/her parents and/or really, really dumb. You can practice religion in school. The teachers/administration can't in any official capacity. Oh, and people have to stop equating religion and morality. Now.
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I Might Be Wrong (Part I) - In which exposition and angst happen. And that's it.

Title: I Might Be Wrong (Part I)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Spoilers: through 51
Summary: Roy hasn't learned from other people's mistakes
Previous Parts: Prologue
Notes: How many ways can I sing tatooine's praises? Not enough, I tell you. Anyway, this might be the most anyone's getting for a while, as I am feeling the writer's block. Feedback always helps me write faster. Just saying.

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