January 1st, 2005


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The Grey Album (Jay-Z's Black Album over The Beatles' White Album) is really, really good. I don't really even like rap. But, man. "99 Problems" over "Helter Skelter" gave me chills. Seriously.

Would any of you Beatles freaks be interested in a zip? It's quite awesome and worth at least one listen.

ETA: "Piggies" under "Change Clothes". YOU KNOW IT CAN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.
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    DJ Danger Mouse - [The Grey Album #06] Dirt Off Your Shoulder
happiness is a warm gun

You asked for it.

The Grey Album

Black Album vocals over a remix of the White Album. It's not a mash-up precisely, but it's pretty cool. Better than the Black Album. Really.

01 Public Service Announcement
02 What More Can I Say
03 Encore
04 December 4th
05 99 Problems
06 Dirt Off Your Shoulder
07 Moment of Clarity
08 Change Clothes
09 Allure
10 Justify My Thug
11 Interlude
12 My 1st Song

Standouts: "99 Problems", "What More Can I Say"

YouSendIt link

If the link goes down for whatever reason, tell me so I can upload it again. :)
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    DJ Danger Mouse - [The Grey Album #08] Change Clothes