February 8th, 2005


Whee! Meta!

I have to pimp metafandom. It's like metablog smoking quickquote, lots of meta links in handy digest form. At this point, I think I've been addicted to meta. So much, in fact, that I read more meta than bad porn.

(One interesting link here about why teenage girls write Mary Sues.)

I was wondering about my motivations for writing fanfic and exactly how far back my love for it goes. When I was eight, I wrote a Star Wars fanfic, complete with Mary Sue. It was actually a fanfic of one of the EU Star Wars series, one I now feel embarassed for reading. I'd created Mary Sues in my head for years, just because I love thinking about what would happen if... I used to play with Lion King toys as a kid, having adventures with Simba and Timon and Pumba. Sure, I created my own stories, but I always liked playing with the Lion King stuff more.


So, yes, question. What was you the first "fanfic" you "wrote", and how old were you?