March 15th, 2005

return of teh cash

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You know what? Fuck you, MIT.

Yeah, you rejected me, and I'm upset about it, but this isn't about that. This about the stupid fucking letter you sent me. I read two sentences and stopped, Do you want to know why?

I stopped because you spouted aomething about how "this [rejection] doesn't reflect me as a student or a person", and I just have to say, BULLSHIT. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. I was rejected because I wasn't fucking good enough. Don't try to dress it up pretty. Don't try to be nice. Be honest, for fuck's sake. I wasn't good enough and you rejected me. Yeah, that reflects me as a student and a person, and while it may be comparing myself to people who are far better than me, far smarter, far more interesting, far whatever beyond the average person, the fact of the matter is that I sucked compared to them and that's why I didn't get in. Stop trying to pretend that doesn't reflect me as a person. Because it does.

Tell me the fucking truth, because I deserve it.