April 27th, 2005


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I still have to fill out Brown's gazillion-page questionnaire and do this Economics essayish thing on the possibility for a flat consumption tax, which is actually surprisingly interesting.

Haven't done my math homework for this week. Flux still blows.

I'm still working crap out for Senior Prom. I might have a date, depending if one of my friends decides he wants to go. I don't particularly care either way, since I don't mind going alone (not as a third wheel. I'm a unicycle, dammit!)

Part of me is still scared of going to college, but a lot of that has died down once I've actually gotten into places. Funny how that will do that to you.

There's nothing more amazing that an exquisitely put together playlist/soundtrack/thing. This one has shiny music I've never listened to before! Yay!
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