July 1st, 2005


Collected randomness

The Daily Show's Indecision 2004 coverage is so very hilarious. Arguably that's due to how much of a joke the actual coverage was.

I feel like I've been majorly anti-social for the last few days. That makes me feel bad.

I still haven't seen Batman Begins. I suck. I know.

Zelda is surprisingly addictive, but I suck at it. Especially the dungeons.

I am sort of writing something. But it refuses to pan out the way I want it to. *beats with stick*

We're heading down to NYC tomorrow. And my mom wants us to drive to make it easier with her business-trip-car-rental-thing. Which just sucks, because I can't read in the car. Bah. This is going to suck so much.
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