September 13th, 2005


fannish randomness

Reading lots of Hellblazer, and it's awesome. John Constantine yay!

Chemical Brothers + Neuromancer = perfection.

Since there's been lots of fancasting of Begins sequels, I think I'll toss in my only opinion. It'd be awesome if they cast Clive Owen as Harvey Dent for the next Batman movie. I mean, it's not completely out of question. Clive has shown that he's willing to do comic book movies (Sin City). He'd be only one of the many actors in the series pretending to be American. He would do it just to work with Christopher Nolan. He definitely has the intensity to pull off Two Face. And after the movie comes out, there'd probably be a giant explosion of Bruce/Harvey slash. Which is probably not a bad thing.

I finished writing I Might Be Wrong. I still have to edit it and get it betaed but I'm done with the actual writing of it. w00t.

Have to go reply to feedback now.
Let it be

Writer's Commentary

Ok. I know I promised lykaios that I'd do this ages and ages ago, and I know I sort of forgot about it. Sorry.

This is a pseudo director's commentary thing of one of my "older" fics (fandom time). It's Beatlesslash, which you should avoid if you have an RPS squick, but the whole thing is so cracktastic (and yet, not funny) that you might not care. Your choice.

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