October 10th, 2005

go ed go!

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ourTunes is my hero. Yay for college networks. I feel kind of bad about not sharing ridiculous amounts of music as well, but maybe I will if I'm feeling in the mood for a Party Shuffle. I'm generally not, but we shall see.

I want to name a fic "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity".

Also: Cutest thing ever (if you know anything about FMA).
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    Tomoyasu Hotei - [Kill Bill, Vol. 1 #09] Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
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staring at the sun

Ah, Brown.

Some people have put up "WANTED: Christopher Columbus for [doing lots of shitty things that i can't remember at the moment]" posters around my dorm, and I'm guessing, the campus.

Yay for liberal hippie schools (who still give us today off from classes anyway).

Dear cost function,

Are you superadditive? (check one)

[ ] yes
[ ] no