October 20th, 2005

batman begins

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Dear Batman Begins Deluxe Edition DVD,

Why are you not here yet? I yearn to see you again. A lot. Or something.

Get here soon,

Hi. I am freaking out about lots of things at the moment, mostly my homework and such. And my Econ midterm which isn't for a few weeks, but I know I suck and I'll probably be below the class average, so hey, no scaling for me. Hopefully I'll be passing, at least.

EDIT: Speaking of Batman Begins: Yet more 30_gens ficlet things. 19. Time Spent Apart and 2. Unfamiliar Territory, both for your reading pleasure.
go ed go!

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fm_alchemist, never stop being stupid or wanky. Never. ETA: Goddamn deletion.

Anyway, this is not really all that bad in terms of the shirtless Bradley factor, but bad in terms of the fact that Bradley, for some reason, is built like Christian Bale in The Machinist aka that movie Bale lost 60 pounds for, because he's a fucking lunatic. And since when was Bradley ever skinny? Kimbley, yeah, I think could conceivably look like this, but Bradley? Why the hell make him a vaguely creepy toothpick?

Oh, right, this is the anime fandom we're talking about here. *facepalm* I forgot that emaciation puts people in the "hot" category. My bad.

Anyway, my Batman Begins DVD was shipped today from Massachusetts, so I shall hopefully get it tomorrow. w00t!