November 14th, 2005

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Dear yuletide Santa,

Thanks for writing this! I hope my requests aren't too vague or weird. I am very flexible, and I will be happy just to get anything in these fandoms. If you can't do the slash or the het, don't sweat it, I'm fine with gen. I tend to lean toward the character driven (as my requests probably show).

Minority Report
I really did mean practically anything, but I think I'd actually prefer gen, and some futuristic details tossed in for texture would be great.

Yeah, the request states it all, and I hope its not too specific for you. I'd pretty much be willing to see anything with Paul in it.

Crouching Tiger
I love these two characters. A lot. I don't think I'd really want porn, so if you could keep it not-porny, that'd be awesome.

The Office
I don't really care if there's porn in this one, but I'd really like it if you could find a way to keep them in character all the way through. If the thought of slash breaks your brain, that's perfectly all right. Like I said, I am cool with them just insulting each other for the entire thing. (Or Tim pulling practical jokes on Gareth. That would be great, too.)

If you're freaking out, don't. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write.


P.S. If you don't hear from me after the stories are posted, I apologize, as I am going to be on vacation for that week, and I am not sure how much internet access I am going to have. I am fairly certain I will shower you with praise and internet-cookies when I come back, however, so please be patient. :)
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Oh, man. Remember SexPowerGod? It appeared on the O'Reilly factor tonight. Of course, O'Reilly was a douche about it, and managed to be factually incorrect about certain things, though being truthful about would just be as damaging in the eyes of conservatives as it was without it. He's such an asshole.

(Oh, and a few someones I know were on camera for a few good seconds.)