February 28th, 2006

happiness is a warm gun

BSG Ramblings: Religion

I've had a couple conversations with various people about religion and how I see it in Battlestar Galactica. Certain recent events have indicated that there is/are some higher power(s) that is/are playing around with everyones' heads.

I don't actually like this idea, however, because I love the ambiguity that BSG leaves us in terms of the religion so far. I like that it mimics the uncertainty of the modern day world, in that we probably won't know for a fact whether Christianity is literally "more right" than Buddhism, and I think that gives the whole religious fanaticism of the Cylons an even more eerie feel to it.

Because it forces the viewer to look at all the religious conflicts in the real world and see parallels. It's more uncomfortable this way, in my opinion.

But once there is/are definitive God(s) introduced, BSG draws attention to the fact that the religious conflict involved is simply sci-fi, and in some ways diminishes the reality of it, because then it almost "shrinks" the conflict, imo, because the audience can safely tuck the conflict, as well as all the troubling questions it raises, into "BSG world", and ignore how relevant they are to a whole lot of the conflict that happens today.

Does that make any sense?