March 14th, 2006

help! help!


Dear Giant Evil CS Project of Doom,


no love

Dear people who think TAs actually want to grade your shitty, done-at-the-last-minute code,

Save us both the time, and just not do it. 'k?

even less love,
tux the linux penguin

(no subject)

I am quite in love with this multiple workspaces thing Linux has going for it. It means that I can separate out all my weirdnesses. Also, Linux makes it really easy for me to work on the CS lab's resources over SSH (considering that the CS lab also runs on Linux). I am very much in favor of that.

I somehow managed to finish my CS homework today, despite not being quite done with Giant EVIl CS Project of Doom, even though it's due afterward, though GECSPoD is close to being done, as I don't think I know of any other test cases to throw at it. Hopefully, the TAs won't throw anything really, really crazy at it. Hopefully.

So hopefully, I'll be done early tomorrow, and I can frolic amongst the pretty flowers. Or whatever.