March 27th, 2006

clive closer

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Visited high school. Was very fun to see my old teachers. Somehow managed to skip CS teacher. Eh, I'll probably visit again in a few months.

Today is very gorgeous. It made me happy.

It's very sad that Brown's Spring Break is so much later than everyone else's, but that will be okay.

Sour patch kids are awesome. Red are the best. Don't even try to deny it.

Spent lots of time playing the Sims 2. Maes and Gracia just got married, and are attempting to have a baby, which means that Gracia totally ditched her roommate, Hawkeye, and that Roy's kind of down, even though he and Maes still make out on a regular basis. Oh, and I turned jealousy off, because I like it better that way. Hawkeye also has a crush on Roy, though it's not mutual. I'm sure all of this will degenerate into an orgy at some point.

There will be pictures.