March 28th, 2006


On Constantine: movie version

Saw movie!Constantine, which I actually rather liked, mostly because my expectations were suitably lowered. Hellblazer!Constantine still kicks far more ass, but you know it's kind of hard to kick more ass than Helblazer!Constantine.

I really hate the backstory they gave him here. Constantine's problems have always been his own fault and no one else's. Arguably, he may have been born with strong magic, but it was still a decision, a conscious decision that didn't involve killing himself.

I really liked a lot of the details, even if they didn't really match comic book world. It gave the whole thing a richness and depth that I have a weakness for. The whole "sending demons back to hell" thing was kind of stupid though. Constantine's priority is himself, always, and he'll align himself with whichever side he feels suits his needs.

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Overall, I think they got him about half-right. It was entertaining, and there were some good moments, and if you pretend it's not supposed to be Hellblazer at all, it's actually rather good.

I think I have more rambly thoughts about this, but I'm forgetting them right now.