March 29th, 2006

jack interpol

Actually somewhat deep thoughts this time, really.

Well, I went to this screening of Loose Change (which can also be seen on Google Video here) at my high school. It's less crackpot and more disturbing than you'd think.

But this isn't really about the movie. The Green Party Senate candidate for New York was also there, to promote his newest book about the craziness that was 9/11 and such, and he mentioned a weird sort of idea to get small businesses venture capital, the sort of details can be found here.

As an econ person, of course this is what I latch onto. I talked to him a bit afterward, and it sounds like he's directing it toward trying to create more working class jobs within the US. Which, I think sounds a little odd, but whatever.

On one level, it seems economically sound, as it's mostly about rearranging incentives, but there are some things bothering me about it (like, oh, an example of the sort of business it's targeting), and I'd like to hear what the econ people on my flist *cough*xaeris*cough*bursar42*cough* think about it.