April 7th, 2006

return of teh cash

In which tdp pulls out her bitch stick.

Dear the ass-wad form of conservatives,

What. the. Fuck? No, really, WTF? I mean, if they ever come up with an AIDS vaccine and you pull this sort of shit, I will be forced to rip out your liver and shove if down your throat. You actually believe that teaching kids abstinence is a better idea than giving them a vaccine that will continue to protect them from cervical cancer later on in life?

You actually believe that teenagers having more sex (which of course never happens. Teenagers never have sex) is somehow more important than saving people's lives and their ovaries?

Fuck. You.

No really, fuck you.

And you're a group that has the audacity to say that you're "pro-life".

No love,
oh the angst


Today has been pretty shitty so far, and it's not looking like it will get any better in the near future.

Let's see...
Econ exam in an hour, a missing paper when I went to go pick it up, and a TA that wasn't around to explain why I didn't have a graded paper returned. I also still need to print out 19 copies of my story (which sucks, btw) out.

Oh, and it's that happy time of the month as well.