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Have been messing around with Deskbar and Beagle. Pretty nifty. It's trying really hard to be Quicksilver, I think. Still, I like it perfectly fine on its own. I'm still not used to using it, but I'm sure I'll fall in love pretty quickly once I use it on a regular basis.

I also installed Ubuntu on my parent's desktop. It's name is "wampa". I changed the name of my laptop, as well. It used to be "emery-419" after my room at Brown, but I figured since I won't be living there anymore, I should probably change it. It's now "tauntaun", because apparently I am a giant nerd.

Just watched the season finale of Smallville, and it's such a bad show, omg. And yet, for some reason I still watch it. Lois is still awesome. Chloe is still cool. Lex's manpain continues to bore me to tears. The Clark and Lex subtext is still going strong. Lana is beginning to develop a personality. I think. It's kind of hard to tell. Lionel continues to confuse me (in both good and bad ways). James Marsters speaking with his American accent still sounds weird.