September 17th, 2006

devil horns

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Yeah, I'm working on the Five Things. They're coming along slowly, but they're going to get there. Hopefully before CS123 kills me.

I watched The Godfather Parts I and II this weekend and they've been kind of rattling around my brain in odd ways.

The Godfather is a truly amazing movie. There's just something so utterly tragic about it. It's a fall from grace, and you can feel it pretty viscerally.

It also features Al Pacino being quiet and restrained and basically not Al Pacino, which is nothing short of amazing (I think). It's also very odd to see him young and vaguely attractive. Because he was born old and cranky. Seriously. Same with Robert DeNiro in The Godfather Part II.

Still pondering whether or not it's worth it to go see Part III. I hear it sucks, but I'm kind of willing to check it out to see what happens. I'll probably cave eventually.