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19 November 2006 @ 02:42 pm
This is one of the coolest, trippiest videos ever. And it has awesome music.

So, yeah, I'm running XGL with Beryl right now, and it's quite awesome. It means that I can run a movie or something in fullscreen mode, and then lower the transparency of say, gVim in front of it, so that I can code in MIPS Assembly and watch, say BSG, at the exact same time.

Also, in reinstalling Ubuntu, I fubared my Windows boot partition or something. Of course, the fact that it took me like two weeks to find this out probably shows how much I use Windows these days.

Sometimes it makes me sad to think that all the humanities majors I know aren't learning about ray tracers or pipelining, because THEY ARE AWESOME. But then I remember that they're humanities majors for a reason.

Also liked this week's BSG muchly. I shall elaborate later. (Still needs more Zarek, though.)