November 24th, 2006

life's ok

In which there is a list of random things

1. I will admit with some small of shame that I went to the mall today and contributed to the rapidly decline of human society as we know it. I will also admit with some of pride that I do have a shiny new 120 GB portable hard drive.

2. I also bought a copy of Swing Kids, because it was only $6.99, and I am easy.

3. My ray tracer is failing like a failing thing. Wah. I need to get reflections and texture mapping working at all, and everything else working correctly.

4. My yuletide fic is still in the beginning stages, which makes me sad, because finals are coming up, and I suck. A lot.

5. I wrote some House gen in reaction to last week's episode. I will freely admit that my only reason for writing this was to make House suffer in the most heinous way possible: his own fucked-up guilt.

6. Because all the cool kids are doing it, my fandom wish-list thing:
Collapse )

7. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still very much with the awesome. I do love it so.

8. Sometimes, I really wish I knew how to answer feedback in a decent manner. I'm pretty sure that I always sound like an idiot when I do.