December 16th, 2006

eowyn jude

somewhat coherent ramblings

Three finals down. One to go. Still sick, except now that I've lost my voice, people actually notice. Still also addicted to Zelda. Mostly done with my yuletide story, which is good. I'll probably give it one more once over before I upload it.

Okay, I have thoughts about the Tritter arc, even though I haven't actually seen "Merry Little Christmas" yet.

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On a somewhat different note, if you saw a fic with the summary "Character X gets into an argument with an evil lizard god" (where Character X is in a fandom not really know for it's supernatural elements), wouldn't you read it? Wouldn't you expect that since the writer is on enough crack to come up with that situation in the first place, they could totally write an awesomely Pythonesque argument between with all sort of side tracked discussions about irrelevant topics and plays on the absurdity of the situation? Wouldn't you look at it and feel hope?

Okay, I admit that was a little naive of me. I shall now go hang my head in shame.