March 9th, 2007


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Title: Things To Do Before You Die
Fandom: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1682
Summary:In which Wilson turns thirty-eight and a half, thinks about kittens, and doesn't have a midlife crisis. But not necessarily in that order.
Notes: Many thanks to savemoony for inspiring this, helping out with fixing it, and laughing in all the right places. I will also warn that is pretty much fluff.

( Things To Do Before You Die )
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Lots of random fannish stuff

A meme stolen from somewhere else, Five fics you would rec to someone outside of fandom.

It's an interesting thing to consider, what kind of face you would want to put on to people outside of fandom. This more of a gen-ish list, for people who aren't in fandom at all, maybe trying to ween them into the fannish way of seeing things. So yeah, these aren't necessarily the best I've read, but they are certainly up there.

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I was tagged by viciouswishes, Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

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Tagging zauberer_sirin, savemoony, lykaios, glassbomb and ignited.

But wait! There's more!

So I've been messing around with the GIMP, and so I've made a couple fanfic covers for a couple people. (much of the credit goes to dearest for the gorgeous textures)

The stories:

1. savemoony's From Princeton, With Love [cover] - An awesome House spy AU that crosses over with Alias. At the moment, it's still a WIP, but it's still a lot of fun.

2. zulu's Lights To Guide You Home [cover] - Five ways House found out about Cuddy's miscarriage. It's quiet and sparse and all the more powerful for it.