April 2nd, 2007

oh the angst

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I'm sorry for constantly spamming you guys with fic, apparently Spring Break leads to surprising amounts of productivity. Just, you know, except the kind you need.

It's kinda drizzly outside, and it's definitely one of those days where you really want to curl up by the window with a good book, but I really need to write lots of code. Lots and lots of code.

And not, like, you know, read fic instead.
happiness is a warm gun

A list. And other stuff

Things I'm not proud of liking:

1. When people spell "canon" "cannon", because it's funny.
2. Britney Spears' "Toxic".
3. Lame romantic comedies.
4. Badfic where there's like the most cringeworthy characterization and like Wilson falls in love with House because House adopts a musical genius kid and then turns into girl, and they have sex in a badly-written fade-to-black manner. I think I'll shut up now.
5. America's Next Top Model.
6. Java.
7. Cheesy dialogue in bad movies/TV.
8. Rating gayness in terms of 'N Sync members. (Lance -> JC -> Justin -> Chris -> Joey, if you're curious)
9. Pokemon Gameboy games. Except for the random battles. And the tedious repetition of leveling up. BUT OTHER THAN THAT.
10. Magic: the Gathering.
11. Mall food. Occasionally.
12. The smell of paint.
13. Badfic AUs where everyone's like racecar drivers and stuff and people are only acting in character about half the time, when it doesn't get in the way of the omg romantic plot. Yeah.
14. Lame action movies.

In other random news, I have lots of paperwork to fill out. For like, everything. Concentration paperwork, summer internship paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork.

Oh, right. I forgot to announce that I have an offer from Cisco for this summer. And I'm pretty much going to take it at this point because I don't have anything else, and the offer isn't bad at all.

sooper sekrit message to savemoony: NO, I'M NOT WRITING THAT FIC WHERE HOUSE AND WILSON ARE GAY DADDY PENGUINS, OKAY? (at least, not yet)