April 3rd, 2007

obvious place

In the daily life of a CS student.

My minesweeper is full of failure right now. It's nowhere near done, and in theory it's due in 4 hours, but I think I'll take a late day.


Or maybe just need to figure out how to code GUIs in Qt. That might actually be useful.

On the other hand, the final project for this class? A Gameboy emulator. We totally get to play Pokemon on demo day.
help! help!

House 3xwhatever: Fetal position

Eh, it was an episode.

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Also? People should be writing me Passover fic. With like House eating lots of leavened bread in front of Wilson, making fun of the fact that Wilson doesn't observe kosher, and making lots of offensive, anti-Semitic comments. So maybe I really like Jew!Wilson, okay? Even though he's, like not.