May 14th, 2007

madam president

Crossover ideas not to be missed

So, I need to do lots and lots of cleaning and packing tomorrow. Other bullshit administrative stuff, too.

I also watched the pilot of The West Wing for the first time ever, and I really must say that Bartlet owns all and I want him in a political cage match between him and Roslin. Like, one where the Fleet shows up at Earth, and they want to settle on Earth, but there's pressure to keep the aliens off the fucking planet, plz, and Bartlet has to keep those pressures in mind, and Roslin's just bitchy because they're at Earth and can they finally rest now, okay?

They have press conferences where Bartlet is wishy-washy and Roslin pretends to be all nice and sweet and tells the story of how she was really the Secretary of Education before ending up president, and behind closed doors, they both try to tear each other apart in not so many words.

It would be like an epic, because just when things seemed to be going okay, something else would come up, and it would drag on for like, forever.

God, that would be so awesome.

(Okay, so maybe I have too many of these ideas.)