May 26th, 2007

crouching tiger

secret consipracies, GIANT BLACK HOLE theory

That thing that's been going around? About LJ's possibility of deleting stuff? It's a hoax. Well executed, too. How about that?

Sequel has been driving me nuts. *whacks head against wall* I have some ideas of how to get it to work, but I'm not sure that they will, and I've already been doing some pretty extensive rewriting.

I also have the GIANT BLACK HOLE theory of LJ fandom. Said theory posits that there are fandoms that are GIANT BLACK HOLES just waiting to suck you into their gaping maw so that they can steal your soul until the next GIANT BLACK HOLE comes along. The current black holes of fandom are SGA and SPN. Past black holes are Smallville and Harry Potter.

I highly suspect that, like actual black holes, a fandom GIANT BLACK HOLE gets most of its power from sheer mass. As the fandom grows bigger, it's gravitational pull gets bigger, sucking in more and more fans.

The pull of a GIANT BLACK HOLE fandom does eventually fade in time, generally after another GIANT BLACK HOLE appears on the scene, though it is still possible to get sucked in if you are not careful.

What will be the next GIANT BLACK HOLE in fandom? I do not know.