June 13th, 2007

lucky bastards!

Some boring stuff and a poll

Work has become kind of bullshit. It's very disappointing.

Writing has been marginally better lately. Making slight progress with various stuff. Which is good. I also took on another writing thing, and gah. I should stop doing this to myself.

Watched American Beauty last night. Enjoyed it, though I don't think I loved it. The Jims are awesome (Scott Bakula omg!) and Kevin Spacey is quite entertaining when he's a little crazy. Annette Benning was just delightful.

Okay, even though I want to do like a gazillion other things, I also want to make a fanmix. So, topics!

What should I use as a theme? (Check all that you approve of)

House - to go along with your Wilson mix.
House/Wilson - because why do an interesting, original theme when you could do it on this?
Foreman - because you sure aren't actually writing anything about him.
Lois/Clark - because you know you have the beginnings of one of these on your HD.
Rodney - because he kind of owns your soul.
McShep - see House/Wilson
House/BSG-verse - because having a mix entirely made up of Radiohead songs sounds like a great idea.
Mathletes-verse - because you have no clue what you'd put on it, but that's okay.

Ticky box?

No one expects the Spanish ticky box!
This is an ex-ticky box!
Your mother was a ticky box and your father smelt of ticky boxes!
A wink's as good as a ticky box to a blind ticky box, eh? eh?
I'm a ticky box and I'm okay!