July 8th, 2007

crouching tiger

I really do make a lot of lists

Went to Boston with relatives and parents. Also stopped by Providence, which was also fun. Am now back at my apartment, and considering trying to bake some cookies, because me/cookies is totally OTP.

Also, because I feel like it,

Five things about the stuff I've written that you probably didn't know and probably don't give a shit about:

1. In my mind, Stateless is a pseudo-prequel to zulu's Lie To Me, even though the last scene with House and Wilson in Stateless and the first scene with House and Wilson in Lie To Me don't match up at all.

2. Things To Do Before You Die came together over about three days, which, considering how I write, is kind of amazing. It started with a conversation with savemoony on a Wednesday night, was written by hand in two notebooks over three classes on Thursday, was typed up Thursday night, and was posted Friday morning. The formatting of the novel has not changed from the version in my notebook.

3, I started writing Singapore while in Singapore, and to me, it's something that tries to do what photographs can usually only hint at. It's an attempt to capture the way a place makes you feel, not just the way it looks.

4. Minutiae was inspired by the Powers of Ten video that was shown in a couple of my science classes while growing up.

5. The One Where House Is A Zombie is an Easter story. "Nuff said.