January 24th, 2008

going places

Singapore - random thoughts

Okay, I've mentioned some of this stuff before, but I figured that I might as well repeat myself.

You can find the story here

- So, I started this while I was at Singapore on vacation, and while I'd spent a lot of time in Asia, there was a definite mood there that stuck with me, and there was something about writing it all down that captured it much better than taking pictures did, because I'm just not that good a photographer.

- I'm still pretty sure this story reads like What I Did On My Winter Vacation (Now With Gay Sex), though that's probably not apparent to anyone but me. (Probably.)

- The street that House and Wilson's hotel is on is Orchard Road. It's really commercial, and I spent a lot of time there, because that's where my hotel was. I ate a lot of food at the malls, and most of it was delicious, which had an influence on where House and Wilson ended up eating.

- The temple Wilson visits is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and it probably was my favorite places in Singapore. Ironic that it's dedicated to Kali, since she's mostly known as a violent, destructive god. I was tempted to include the giant lion-fish thing as well, but there was no reason or room for it.

- A lot of themes here are stolen from Lost in Translation. It's a movie I adore, and it had a huge influence on my writing. When I saw it for the first time, I thought Damn, I wish I could write something that felt like that. In my mind, as much as the movie is about alienation, it's even more about connection, about finding someone who gets you.

- One of the big things that I wanted to get down was the feeling of jet lag, and I think it does hang over everything, especially in the beginning.

- The structure, with Wilson waking up at the beginning of every section was mostly by accident after I wrote the first couple of sections. By the end, it drove me crazy, mostly because it tied my hands towards the end by forcing me to go through their entire fucking day. I elided a lot of it, but it was still annoying as all hell to write, and I was sure I was boring people to death.

- I used to write more with parentheses, and I've toned down on that since then, but I like the way they work here, emphasizing the disconnected feeling of it all.

- I wrote this in a vacuum, mostly because I'd been doing that anyway, and it's easier with the shorter stuff. The problem with that is that I tend to start second-guessing myself without people pushing me along, especially when it's a longer story. It definitely happened here, but I managed to get a pretty good draft, and then panicked a lot. Thankfully, I worked up the nerve to IM savemoony and e-mail it to girl_wonder and they were helpful and encouraging and awesome.

- Um, that's all I have to say for now. Comments/questions/etc are welcome.