January 29th, 2008

going places

Observations on a story I'm not writing. At all.

1) Plotting out a heist is so hard! OMG! Serious, the Ocean's writers have SO MUCH respect from me. Like, there's all this twisty-ness that needs to be clever and surprising and it's so hard to just come up with it because it's not a natural progression; it's not supposed to be.

2) I kind of fail at writing badass cool. My characters are generally (a) socially incompetent assholes, (b) dorks, or (c) both. And even if they manage to project outward competence, generally in their heads they get to be dorky and weird and stuff. They don't do cool very well.

3) I hate epics. I know I knew this going in, but still, so much hate for having to write this much.

4) This is going to eat my life. In bad ways. At least this is the beginning of the semester.

5) This is doing good things for my writing. It's pushing my comfort zone in terms of plotting and characterization, and I really need the challenge.

6) It's actually really, really fun.