February 3rd, 2008


I think I would be a tortured artist if it didn't sound so unpleasant

Man, has anyone else had that bit of cognitive dissonance where you're thinking, "My fic is awesome! I should be getting pages of feedback on this!" and also, "Why are people saying nice things about this? I fail as a writer!" at the same time?

Just me, then? Okay.

I still have so much homework to do. Stupid Algorithms and Econometrics.

As for SGA, I really want Nancy fic where she's awesome and kind of pressured into marrying John, but she's okay with it, because hey, he's not that bad a guy, and then their relationship falls apart due to John not being there and the way she realizes that this isn't really what she wants, it's what their parents want, and she leaves because it's better than staying. Someone want to write that for me?

Also, I heard there's some sort of football game going on, tonight? Anyone else know about this?