February 12th, 2008

going places

let's go with letters this time

a. I kind of hate Latex even though it does produce pretty documents and it's all markup-y the way I like. Stupid learning curves. newalg also hates the world.

b. R is pretty nifty, though. I learned how to do time series with it.

c. I lost my hat today. It was red and black with a poof ball on top. I miss it now. :(

d. My day was crappy in other ways, too. Let's not talk about that. Maybe I'll write something ridiculously fluffy to make myself feel better. Or possibly poke Sheppard's 11 some more.

e. So I went back and read some of my early writing, just out of curiosity, and it was, surprisingly, worse than expected. I mean, I hadn't expected much from myself, but I was worse than I remembered. Seriously, I was really, really bad. (I showed zulu the first thing I ever wrote in fandom, and she was like, "Um, at least you're awesome now!")

I think the most interesting part of this exercise, though, was seeing the way I've changed as a writer, over the years. Also, the ways I haven't. There are definitely themes that keep popping up, tics that you can see forming. I hadn't written much, if any, fiction before starting in with the fanfic, and you can definitely tell. I was also younger and stupider then, as the case usually is, and I think that comes across, too.

I'm tempted to post links because I think you guys would get a laugh out of reading some of it. Or maybe just some mental scarring.