March 8th, 2008

death and dream

Baby we was making straight A's / But we was stuck in the dumb days

1. It's practically flooding outside right now. Yay rainy season!

2. Enjoyed this week's SGA.
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3. Here, have a bit of fic:
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4. Have an idea for remix that doesn't suck, but I know it will make it quite obvious that I wrote it. Fortunately, I don't actually care that much.

5. Horrific Algorithms midterm was horrific, but I made it far enough past the mean that I'm pretty sure I'm passing. The professor, however, is not pleased with the overall performance of the class and might make us all retake it. Which would be bad. And sad. And even more horrific.

6. Someone tried to find Open Your Eyes on sgastoryfinders. I have arrived, fandom! I have arrived!