March 14th, 2008

going places

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So, I'm recovering from my exams, my interviews, and my generally stress-filled, crappy week.

I've also been working on Sheppard's 11, tightening up the heist and plugging in holes in my story. So much so that I needed to go back and change some stuff in what I've already written. There's some major stuff I need to fill in, still, but I'm getting much closer to having all the major plot points laid out, which is exciting. I was previously tempted to post what I have to a filter, but it's almost definitely going to be massively reworked later on, so that's probably not the best idea.

I think I'm going to sort-of follow the sgabigbang schedule and vow to get my drafts done at the same times as they do. Depending on when I finish my outline, it might even take less time than that.

I think I'm also going to vow to get these holes filled in by the end of this weekend, and if that happens, also vow to finish 10,000 words by the end of next week. I'm at 5,600 already. You can hold me to this, flist.