May 30th, 2008

stuart + vince

Deep Thoughts: Small Fandoms

I've spent the last few days (a) helping my dad paint the deck and back porch, (b) playing too much Kingdom Hearts 2 and (c) obsessing over Queer as Folk (UK), which isn't the most amazing show ever, but it is incredibly good. Stuart and Vince are made of awesome, and they love each other SO MUCH it's kinda pathetic. Actually, take the 'kinda' out of that last sentence.

Man, big fandoms spoil you for the small ones. I mean, there's some truly excellent QAF UK fic out there, but then you run out and your standards start lowering and all of a sudden you're reading a series where everyone giggles and cries a lot and the pairing marries each other in a big do and there's a match-maker Mary Sue who calls Stuart 'Stuey' and then a crossover with QAF US happens.

Yeah, that one was slightly addictive. *cough*

And I should be reading papers, especially since I'm moving into my summer house on Sunday.

Also, new BSG tonight. w00t!