June 20th, 2008

beauty breakdown

So, um, stuff.

1. I got roped into my first D&D game ever. I suck at roleplaying, I have discovered. Also, character creation.

2. Collapse )

3. Saw The Incredible Hulk, enjoyed it, but I felt like there wasn't enough characterization to hook me. I will also admit that I did like the Ang Lee version as well, so.

4. I've been reading a lot, lately. Yay, libraries. I like libraries a lot.

5. Have also gotten sucked into what may be known in some circles as "Doctor Who fic," but what I know as, "stories about Martha Jones being awesome." Recs are welcome.

6. Speaking of which, anyone up for a quick beta of a 600~ word ficlet about um, the Doctor and Martha? It's slice-of-life-ish.

7. I am playing Twilight Princess again. Also addicted to it again. At least I'm close to the end, so I'll maybe get my life back soon. (Sky Temple, w00t w00t!)