July 18th, 2008

bloody hell

More Batman thoughts

So, a more detailed 'review' of sorts of The Dark Knight.

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And also some trailers, because these were pretty interesting.

Robert DeNiro-Al Pacino vehicle movie: Looks stupid as all hell, but I would just go for Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro being cursing, world-weary, scenery-chewing cop partners. I'm pretty sure the movie studio is counting on that, too.

Watchmen: Visually stunning, has the right aesthetic, but could go horribly wrong from over-faithfulness or possibly injudicious pruning of the source. The director of 300 is both a blessing and a curse.

Terminator 4: Christian Bale runs around shooting things, w00t! Is he trying to star as a lead in as many genre franchises as possible, y/n?